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Welcome to the the internet home of the Burt Presbyterian Church. The congregation extends greetings from this remarkable church located in our nation's heartland, the great green corn belt of Iowa.  The cornbelt is one of the most agriculturally productive parts of the world -- a place where much of the corn and soybeans of the United States are grown, and where much of the pork that feeds the world is raised.  Just as this rich soil yields an abundant harvest, so we pray that the seeds of God's Word He plants in our hearts will reap an abundant return (Mark 4th chapter, the parable of the sower and the laws of seedtime and harvest).

Our church is located in the city of Burt, the kind of hard working small town that made America great.  We are only 8 miles from the city of Algona, and only one mile east of Highway 169.We invite you to come and worship with our congregation, which is known for its hospitality  and its commitment to prayer.  May God richly bless you! Our church family extends a warm welcome to visitors. Come and be a part of this House of Prayer founded by Jesus Christ over 130 years ago.

Burt Presbyterian Church of Burt, Iowa is a family oriented church with a vital membership of 90 people. Our average Sunday morning attendance is over fifty. We have an active Sunday School and have vital fellowship groups for women, men and youth.

We are a Christ-centered, nurturing, spiritually vital covenant of believers that reaches out to and assists the people of our community by serving God and serving others as Christ call us. We are thankful that our church is continually nurtured by God's Word, and that we are guided by Holy Spirit. We seek to be people of God who walk in love and extend Christ's love to all who come through our doors.  We invite you to find out more about our church and invite you to visit with us. If you do not have a church home, you will find a welcome place here in our fellowship. May you experience God's grace in new ways.

The Burt Presbyterian Church ministers to Burt, Iowa and the surrounding area of Kossuth County, Iowa's largest county geographically.  As a caring congregation, showing warm fellowship, we are always ready to welcome new friends.

We recognize one another across all boundaries and divisions as sisters and brothers in the faith. We are a church committed to involvement in our community. We seek to follow Jesus in our thoughts and in our actions, and to share His love with all the people that we meet.  We are called to be His ambassadors, to be His servants, and to act as the Lord's hands extended to the world.  Our Presbyterian motto is "As we believe, so we do."

The Burt Presbyterian Church is located at 204 Elm Street in Burt, one block south of Walnut Street, the town's major roadway. You are always welcome at Burt Presbyterian Church.  Come and be inspired and comforted as we worship the Lord God Almighty.  May the love of Jesus surround you and the Holy Spirit bless you as we praise God together. Come and join us in worship and in a celebration of God's love!


CONTACT-- Burt Presbyterian Church, P.O. Box 37, Burt, Iowa 50522

   Phone -- Contact Mark Kelly, Clerk of Session 515-928-2309 or 515-341-6198   





Burt for Christ
Address: 214 Elm Street
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