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Proclaiming Christ in Kossuth County



We are building up our church and we need your help . We have a church with a strong foundation. There is a lot of love and compassion here, and a strong core of committed believers, and God has used this church to do mighty things for God over the years. But we need to build on our strengths and reach out for new members and friends to attend out church and invite them to become a part of its ministry and vision. This church has long been known as a House of Prayer – we have a praying congregation and there are thousands of powerful testimonies of answered prayer and God’s provision.

The Vision Team Committee is helping us to do the work God has called us to do, to build up the body and to reach out to the world around us. They are working on four main areas:

1. Identifying visitors and unchurched people in the community.   They will also attempt to identify possible new members who are currently unchurched.  Building a support team that follow up is essential for long-term church success, and encouraging other Christians in evangelism is part of the mission.   

2. Planning.  The committee will help formulate events and outreach strategies to be approved by the session.  


3. Education and communication.  A major goal is to help every church member become aware that he or she is witnessing in his or her own way. Every believer is a missionary to the family members, work associates, neighbors and others that he touches every day, Our task is to help the church members use the unique opportunities and spiritual gifts that God has given to each to accomplish His will.

 4. The Vision Team Committee will help our church be a very welcoming place. It will work towards encouraging and educating the congregation regarding our call to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ beyond ourselves, and does so by encouraging personal spiritual growth and sharing one's faith.


When you walk in our sanctuary early in the morning, as some of us do for prayer time, you can sense the faithfulness of praying Christians who have gone before us. The very walls seem seeped with the prayers of those who preceded us. They served the Lord with passion and respect. But now is our time serving the Lord together in this place, and we are called to build the church up. For such a time as this we were born and brought together at this place to do the work of the Lord. We need to grow closer to God and learn more from His Scriptures. We need to ask the Spirit for gifts and guidance.

The great Methodist theologian John Wesley had a great formula for church growth that still works today. He said you only had to do five things well. They are:

  1. You have nothing to do but save souls. (Be evangelical minded)
  2. You have nothing to do but be a missionary church. ( Be mission minded)
  3. You have nothing to do but believe the Bible. (Be people of the Word)
  4. You have nothing to do but live a loving, holy life. (Love Others and Love God)
  5. You have nothing to do but make disciples of all men. (Reach out in love

Once you do these things, then you have nothing left to do but rejoice.

It has been said that the problem of church growth is a simple problem. The only thing we have to do to get the church to grow is to help the church do more of what it is supposed to be doing all along. Whenever the church of the Lord Jesus is turned loose in a community to help human beings and meet their needs and lift up the name of Jesus Christ, that church becomes indispensable in the community. There is a sign that should be hung over every church door. It should read, 'Broken lives mended here.' That is a great goal for our church – to welcome the lost and weary and introduce them to the Great Mender – Jesus Christ!

  Let us welcome others with love and compassion! – Pastor Glenn